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H.O. Scale Slot Car Track Layouts 123   Book I: Flat Land
(NO Bank, Bump, Hill, Loop, or Sloped track sections)

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    Each of the 123 different layout designs in this book were created by Jerome A Lepinski and are believed to be original designs for layouts, if someone has one of these layouts it is by coincidence. This is not a compilation of the layouts that are free to view on modelmotorist.com. or a compilation from any other source. These layouts are designed to use as much track and cover as much of the table surface as possible with flat track sections.

123 H.O. Scale layouts as easy as
  1. Pick a layout
  2. Gather tracks
  3. Assemble

  • 48 2-Lane Layouts
  • 30 4-Lane Layouts
  • 25 6-Lane Layouts
  • 20 8-Lane Layouts
    123 different Layouts

HO Scale Slot Car Track Layout Design Book

    This book is designed to make changing layouts fast and easy. Whether you are using Amrac, Artin, Atlas, Aurora (Thunderjet, AFX, TOMY, Race Masters), Auto World, Bachmann, Cox, Eldon, Hornby Microscalextric, Ideal, Life-Like, Lionel, Marchon, Marx, Mattel, ModelMotoring, Rokar, TycoPro, Tyco brand tracks for your HO scale slot car track layouts this book has flat layouts for you.

HO Scale Slot Car Track Layout Design Legend
    Each layout design in this book was created using Three Dimensional Computer Aided Design Software(3D CAD) with a tolerance setting of 0.0001 inch, to ensure proper assembly. Each Layout has a list of all of the track sections needed to do that layout. Each layout has a legend like this over it.
HO Scale Slot Car Track Layout Design Legend
Explanation of the brand key shown above here and over each layout.
* = Manufacturer does or did in the past produce all of the required track sections for this layout.
- = Manufacturer did NOT make this section of track, but a section of track that connects directly was made by another manufacturer. Examples: Auto World has not made this track section, but the TOMY version will connect directly, or neither Tyco nor Mattel made this track section, but an independent manufacturer made one that will connect directly. (Alternate Brand Required)
Blank = There is not a section of track made by this manufacturer or any other that will connect directly to this manufacturer's tracks.

    This book contains one hundred twenty-three HO scale slot car track layout plans, and is divided into 5 chapters:
    Chapter 1 includes: 48 2-Lane slot car track layouts.
    Chapter 2 includes: 30 4-Lane slot car track layouts.
    Chapter 3 includes: 25 6-Lane slot car track layouts.
    Chapter 4 includes: 20 8-Lane slot car track layouts.
    Chapter 5 includes: additional information sections:
        How to expand some small sections of an existing layout.
        A guide to which sections of track are or have been produced in most brands.
        How to design your own slot car track layouts.
        How to improve the control wiring of your slot car track layouts.

HO Scale Slot Car Track Layout Design Book

    All of these layouts use only 6 inch, 9 inch and 15 inch straight tracks which are available from almost all brands.

    12 of these HO Scale Slot Car Track Layouts can be built using only 9 inch radius curve tracks for Cox, Eldon, Ideal, Life-Like, Marchon, and Micro-Scalextric brands of track.

    26 of these HO Scale Slot Car Track Layouts can be built using 9 inch and 12 inch radius curve tracks for Artin, Mattel, Tyco (some models).

    84 of these layouts use the popular 6 inch through 15 inch radius curve tracks to create more interesting and challenging layouts.
    1 layout uses the 3 inch hairpin and 18 inch radius track sections that are only available in TOMY track sections

From our friends Bob and Chris at The Slot Car Site (www.slotcarsite.net)

    Great book. Well thought out and very professional. The book not only has a layout for everyone but also a technical part that is amazing. You have to read it to believe it. A must have for the racer and collector.
    If you are looking for a source of excellent HO scale slot car layouts, Jerome really provides the best examples in his new book. It is called Book I: Flat Land as these layouts are intentionally designed without using any level change tracks like hills, slopes and banks. There are 123 different tracks to build as shown or use as a starting point for your own modifications. The chapters are broken into two, four, six and eight lane layouts and each specifies which track brand possesses the required track sections to construct the layout. Plenty of great ideas for casual home tracks or serious competitive racing layouts.

    This book is coil bound so that it will lay flat while you are constructing one of the layouts within it. Heavyweight paper and laminated covers will help it last for a very long time. You will use this book over and over again to change layouts more frequently then ever before.

    See how you can make your layouts more child or novice friendly with custom wiring diagrams and explanations on how to modify common ground terminal tracks for better performace from your layout.

    The layouts in this book do not use any of our H.O.T.rack products, although future books may.

    This book will save you a lot of time if you like to change your layouts frequently or just every once in a while. So many layouts to choose from, all together in one easy to use book.

    This book also has 12 tips to extend the life of your cars and 12 more tips on how to extend the life of your track sections.

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